August 2002

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I’ve been added to the list of reviewers at the official site for Small Pieces Loosely Joined. Is this a good thing, or is this his “fecal roster”?

And what are “discusssions”? Conversations that leak a lot of hot air?

Speaking of which, I think my review at Boxes & Arrows generated a record low number of comments. Another observation of which I am not sure what to make. (Proper syntax really screws with some phrases.)

For even more on the book, remember my further ramblings.

There was a time when I was genuinely proud, in a kitschy sort of ironic way, that I had a “working lava lamp” on my homepage. This was circa 1995. My page had white text on a black background (wasn’t it cool how web pages could seem to float in space? wasn’t it interesting when we all realized it reminded us of black-velvet Elvis paintings and we all recoiled in horror?) Well, things have changed since then. We’re all so much more sophisticated, so much more jaded. But I’m not so jaded that I can’t celebrate 2 years of keeping a weblog. Because any reason to eat cake is a worthy enterprise.

While I was trying to figure out how to integrate memekitchen with my other more personal-brainfart weblog at drewspace, I remembered the weblog I started in September 2000, over at And how I’d been hearing about weblogs since a year or more before, but how as usual it took me a year to get around to figuring it out and trying it for myself. (I am most definitely not one of the “cool kids” who do everything first — I’m more of a penultimate cool kid. The safe, let’s see if this is actually really stupid before I try it kind of cool.)
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Over at Forrester the analysts seem to be getting younger and younger. I’m starting to think I’m too old to have any insight into business. And I’m only 34.
Seriously, I think somebody should come up with Forrester Analyst Trading Cards. They’d be just like baseball or Magic cards, but they’d cost like $4500 a pack.

Let’s Get Small

My article reviewing & discussing Weinberger’s new book is now up at Boxes and Arrows: Small Pieces, Big Thoughts. Stop by for a visit. Leave a little graffiti.

I finally finished putting together all the quotations I have collected over the last few years, plus the ones sent in to me from a request on the sig-ia mailing list a couple of months ago. They are now posted at IAwiki: IACommonplaceBook.

A Commonplace Book is an old idea that deserves remembering; a single place where we keep bits and pieces of language, knowledge, ideas that we run across. A kind of precursor to the weblog, where as we read and listen to others, we pick up chunks of knowledge, blurbs, truisms, memes, that we in one way or another want to keep with us. So we write them down in a book. This is the beginnings of a such a book, collectively, for the IAwiki community.