September 2002

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While the rubric of “spirituality” reminds me of “lite,” non-alcoholic beer, it seems appropriate for something so global and a-historical as the Web. Weinberger, busy as usual, gets interviewed at “” (there’s a non-sequitur!): “The spirituality of the web’s architecture” with David Weinberger.

Axis, bold as java

Pick any three countries and see what they are the Axis of. (Or, more grammatically, see that of which they are an Axis.)

I’m really slammed right now at work. Crazy. And my computer is on the fritz, so I don’t have that mobile “quality time” I used to get to post to blogs and such. But in the meantime, let me say, I really want to work for these guys.

Nifty new way to move around in OS X: Spring: Home “More Human. Less Machine.The Spring Desktop is concept-centric, not file, folder, site, or brand-centric. It’s designed for the way you naturally think.”

grief, continued.

Not much to say here other than to recommend this article from yesterday: Death as a Constant Companion.

Grief, and its kin.

Like everybody else, I’m grieving. Even though 9/11/2001 wasn’t at all about me, and didn’t do any harm to me personally, here I am thinking about where I was that day, what was on my mind, how my experience felt. I really hope that’s just a human response, because otherwise it would feel profoundly selfish.

The part that I have trouble shaking is the fact that I was on a plane that morning, but my plane was headed to Atlanta from Greensboro. It landed minutes before the first plane in NY hit.
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