October 2002

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Here’s a great quote from the interview at Boxes and Arrows: Talking with Jesse James Garrett

People get hung up on specific techniques too easily. Look past the technique to see the problem the technique is intended to address. If “doing IA”means diagrams, nav specs, wireframes, then no, you don’t always have to do IA. But if “doing IA” means thinking about the structure of your site, then absolutely, you need to do IA every time.

There are a number of reasons why I think “massively shared information environment” is an important phrase for Information Architecture. The biggest one is that I think we’ve stumbled into a new human age, the result of an ontological break with our past, that changes what it means to create usable spaces for human beings. IA is architecture for a new reality.
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Check it out! You can download a whole new 2 min movie: BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Wallace and Gromit film premiÀres

etymology is fun

I hadn’t run across this site before, but it’s exactly the kind of thing I love about the Web: wordorigins.org’s Big List of Words and Phrases. Find out the origins to things like “Red Handed” and “Sabbatical.” Dweeb heaven. (Me like.)

There is a big squishy pile of obsessions on my mind right now and no way to sort it out besides grabbing one slippery tendril and starting to pull.
A week ago I saw these guys live. It got me back in touch with a lot of thoughts, dreams and wonder that I had as a twenty-something…
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