February 2003

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In their recent story–Wired News: Why Did Google Want Blogger?–the folks at Wired hit the nail right on the head… As I am so fond of saying, blogs are the organic meta-datafarms of the future. And Google’s relevance (hence their accuracy and their market value) is derived from links created by people within some context…and weblogs are an especially rich source of this nutrient.
This article explains some of the rationale, especially the significance of RSS feeds and the ‘semantic web’ :-)
So, anyway, this is yet another move that shows how brilliantly self-organizing the Internet really is. It’s almost like these companies didn’t even have a choice…this was their destiny!

Google buys Blogger

Yahoo! News – Google Buys Popular Web Publishing Tool reports that Google is providing a home for Blogger. Great news. I moved away from using Blogger, but I still think it’s the best thing going for most people. It almost disappeared a couple of years ago, due to no money and increasing support costs… luckily they pulled it together long enough for this deal.
It’s interesting to me especially because Google and blogs have such a symbiotic relationship: they feed one another relevance in a massive global loop.


At my company, we design our own business cards. I ran out of mine, and so it was time to make more… i made a new one using a painting I discovered, Kandinsky’s “Etages” (“Storeys”).
I think it’s fabulous as a kind of mandala for IA. It’s sort of of obvious once you see it. At least to me. What do you think?

kandinsky storeys pic250k.

William Gibson has a new book out today. Pattern Recognition. Since everybody’s saying this is his best work since Neuromancer, I may have to go buy it in hardcover and drop everything else I’m reading. And, who knew the man had a blog? And why wasn’t I told???