August 2003

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As a father of a now 7 yr old kid who is well on her way to being a very wild kid, I don’t nkow if I can deal with Thirteen.

this is me.

This excerpt is me: Life | One is (not) the loneliest number.
I must buy this book and read it.

all my homies

Whoa. I haven’t done this in a while… but I just checked to see who all links to this blog. Just when I thought I was totally ignored, it turns out I am actually listed in some spots! Check it out: Google Search:

It’s National Novel Writing Month: : Home – What is NaNoWriMo?
And it’s a very cool idea.
Lowering expectations is something I’m having to master. I want to be the best at it, ever!

the dude

Whoa… check it out. I just might have a reason to visit Louisville again.

Con Carne

Can’t wait to start seeing this new series on HBO: Carnivýle. It’s like all the stuff I dig most rolled up into a single TV show. Creepy carnival people, Flannery O’Connoresque desperation complete with faithful misfits, sepia-toned ennui. Mmmmmm….

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My original post is below. The link no longer takes you to the site I referenced back in 2003, but you can still see the glorious prehistoric black-background web experience via the magical “Wayback Machine” archive here via the Wayback Machine.


Growing up, I was an avid reader of Omni Magazine.
I lost touch with it after high school, and I heard they’d tried doing their thing online, but then it had kind of died on the vine.
And I ran across the site today…how weird, that it’s still sitting there. A ghost town.
The design is so perfect for mid-to-late 90s ‘cool’ website design. Lots of 3D shapes floating in black space.
I wonder if anybody still tries entering the “Deconstructing the Titanic Sweepstakes” there?