July 2004

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The future?

The ever effervescent Weinberger had this to say on his Democratic National Convention blog

Barack Obama: The good news for Hillary is that she might get State Department when Obama is President in 2012.

Krispy Kreme introduces glazed doughnut frozen beverage – Jul. 21, 2004

The chain introduced a new line of frozen drinks Wednesday, including frozen original kreme — a drinkable version of the company’s signature doughnut — raspberry, latte and double chocolate.

My First (and Last) Time With Bill O’Reilly

Sure enough, when The O’Reilly Factor aired later that night, both Thomas Kean’s statement about 9/11 and my charge about O’Reilly deleting it were missing. All that was left was Bill O’Reilly, fuming at the liberal media’s lack of objectivity and balance, and ruing the divisive effect “spin” has on our national unity.

Ok, so this would be stupid use of a song in a commercial number 2,358. Mitsubishi is using just the first line of a song, a Flaming Lips song.

Do you realize – that you have the most beautiful face

Problem is the rest of the verse goes like this:

Do you realize – we’re floating in space –
Do you realize – that happiness makes you cry
Do you realize – that everyone you know someday will die.

Granted most people haven’t heard the whole song, but from now on Mitsubishi automobiles will remind millions of Flaming Lips fans of the mortality of their loved ones.

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