Architectures for Conversation (ii)

This is the ‘final’ version of the Architectures for Conversation talk. Hence the (ii) appended to the title.

The presentation isn’t very useful without the notes, and unfortunately at this size the notes aren’t terribly legible. So I recommend viewing it full-screen, or downloading the PDF from Slideshare.

This was a version that I presented at Philly CHI (Philadelphia chapter of the Computer-Human Interaction special interest group of ACM), at the U. Penn campus.

Most of it is the same thing I did at the IA Summit in Vegas a month ago, but there are some new slides and some more content, especially about how User-Experience Communities of Practice fit together, and what I mean by “Infospace.”

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  1. Livia’s avatar

    Great talk Andrew. I’m sure you noticed I couldn’t get my iPod to record (maybe banging it against the table wasn’t a great idea) so I tried capturing video, but my camera died every 3 minutes, leaving me with 15 pieces of 3min videos (oy). I am certain I won’t have time to edit it into a coherent thing soon, but maybe some time… if I do, is it cool to post it on youtube?

  2. David Hawdale’s avatar

    A great peice of work, excellent use of metaphor. We get so stuck in the detail of IA most times we forget what we are here for. Conversation. Enabling conversation. Making conversation. Accuracy? Good enough…

  3. Lucy’s avatar

    Great presentation. Really impressive, both content wise and presentation wise!

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