How on earth did I get here?

I have found myself in Pennsylvania. How? I got a job. This is a good thing, the getting a job part.

The weird part is that it’s at Vanguard, just outside Philadelphia… far away from where I was living. It’s complicated my life, but hopefully in a good way.

Not much going on here at the kitchen lately due to all this chaos. But part of the good news here is that I’ll be able to get involved with the IA community again, and keep up with research and such. I’m so far behind.

Oh, and I may have to change it so that I have to screen comments because I keep getting spam comments attached to older posts… ugh.



  1. El Gray’s avatar

    Good to hear, Drew… I’m glad you are among the employed! Stay warm up there.

  2. Tommy Hodgin’s avatar

    Glad things worked out for you Andrew. I hope that things go well for you. I saw “Return of the King” yesterday. It was the best of the three. Have you seen it yet? If you have not because of the move, you need to see it soon. It is money well spent.

    Good luck


  3. skebrown’s avatar

    Bubba’s working again.
    Let me know when you get all caught up on that IA shit, eh? I want to know what’s going on too ;o)

  4. Connie’s avatar

    Wow. Changes everywhere. I leave the country for a couple of months and look what happens. Philly, huh? I’m flying through there on my way back to Scotland (in GSO now) in January. Maybe we can meet for a cuppa joe. I miss ya.

  5. Jordan’s avatar

    congrats on the job, drew. oh how life is different above the mason dixon line.


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