Email: “ah” at andrewhinton.com   |   LinkedIn: Profile.

Current Position: I work at The Understanding Group (TUG) as an Information Architect.

Professional Background: I’ve been designing information systems in one way or another since 1991, and involved with the Information Architecture and User Experience community since 1999. I helped start the Information Architecture Institute in 2002, and I’ve served on its board as both a director and an advisor. I’m a big believer in the practice of information architecture.

Previously, I’ve been a Principal User Experience Architect at Macquarium, a Lead Information Architect at  Vanguard, and the IA director at a pre-dot-bomb agency called Symetri.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients large and small, including big-box retailers, manufacturers, financial services companies, and non-profits.

Writing & Speaking: I tend to speak at a few events each year, some of which are listed on my Lanyrd profile; and I’ve written some articles & book chunks here and there. For a sort-of-complete list of these and other bits, see my “Writings” page.

As for blogs and such, I’ve been typing things into the webernets since 1992, but didn’t have a proper ‘blog’ until around 2000. (Earlier incarnation was called Drewspace; and this “Inkblurt” blog used to be called Meme-Kitchen).

I’m currently at work on a book about how information creates and shapes context. Hoping to finish & release it before summer 2013.

Location: I currently live in the Philadelphia metro area; specifically, I reside in the fabulous town of Phoenixville, PA, home of BlobFest. You should come check it out sometime.

Disclaimer: while I do write about my profession here, this is still a general purpose blog where I write about all kinds of things, including politics and religion. These are my views alone and they don’t represent those of my employer, family, friends or pets.

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