August 2004

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I’ve been wanting to put up a wiki at my new place of employment, for purposes of tracking projects and sharing information between project teams about what’s being done, learned, archived, etc. But it would take months of discussion and getting approval if I did it the right way. I wonder what would happen if I just snuck one onto my desktop Mac?

Anyway, I ran across this site (many of my colleagues likely know about it already but I’m just recently getting my head back into the larger IA-related sphere) which is basically a blog for a company called SocialText. Here’s an article on wiki’s in corporations.
Socialtext — Enterprise Social Software

Like all great horizontal productivity applications, Wikis and Weblogs are disruptive technologies that emerge in the enterprise from the bottom-up. Louderback goes on to share how similar this is to his experience at Chase during PC adoption, the same could be said for spreadsheets and local area networks.

I spotted an article in the latest Metropolis Magazine touting a new, “innovative” approach to “make research a fundamental factor in all phases of product development.” (The article isn’t on the site, though.)

I’m glad the approach is getting press, but I was a little surprised to see it called “innovative” since I thought more people knew about this?

IIT’s website luckily has a PDF of the article that you’d normally have to buy the magazine to see.

Institute of Design : In The News

Here’s a quick link to the PDF download. (Not large at all.)