I’m on Weinberger’s List

I’ve been added to the list of reviewers at the official site for Small Pieces Loosely Joined. Is this a good thing, or is this his “fecal roster”?

And what are “discusssions”? Conversations that leak a lot of hot air?

Speaking of which, I think my review at Boxes & Arrows generated a record low number of comments. Another observation of which I am not sure what to make. (Proper syntax really screws with some phrases.)

For even more on the book, remember my further ramblings.


  • erin

    Andrew – low comments don’t mean people aren’t reading. I had 1 comment for the Powers of ten article and very few for the Vannevar Bush article – whcih generated record number page views. So don’t equate the number to interest at all.

  • Hey, now there’s something to look up about Drew. Great positive feedback Erin.

  • Ok. Now I feel really silly.

    Honestly, I wasn’t feeling all pitiful or anything, I was just indulging in a little pessimistic hyperbole, which is just my normal state of mind. (To paraphrase Eddie Izzard, it’s not a maneuver, it’s more of a gesture.)

    But thanks for the kind words. :-) It’s nice to get some comments & friendly pats on the virtual back.

    Same back atcha both, by the way.