I’m on Weinberger’s List

I’ve been added to the list of reviewers at the official site for Small Pieces Loosely Joined. Is this a good thing, or is this his “fecal roster”?

And what are “discusssions”? Conversations that leak a lot of hot air?

Speaking of which, I think my review at Boxes & Arrows generated a record low number of comments. Another observation of which I am not sure what to make. (Proper syntax really screws with some phrases.)

For even more on the book, remember my further ramblings.



  1. erin’s avatar

    Andrew – low comments don’t mean people aren’t reading. I had 1 comment for the Powers of ten article and very few for the Vannevar Bush article – whcih generated record number page views. So don’t equate the number to interest at all.

  2. skebrown’s avatar

    Hey, now there’s something to look up about Drew. Great positive feedback Erin.

  3. Andrew’s avatar

    Ok. Now I feel really silly.

    Honestly, I wasn’t feeling all pitiful or anything, I was just indulging in a little pessimistic hyperbole, which is just my normal state of mind. (To paraphrase Eddie Izzard, it’s not a maneuver, it’s more of a gesture.)

    But thanks for the kind words. :-) It’s nice to get some comments & friendly pats on the virtual back.

    Same back atcha both, by the way.

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