Summit presentation available.

Ok, I finally got all the notes fixed up in the Clues to the Future presentation. It’s downloadable from here: (12.8 MB)

If you download it, please leave a “hello” here in the comments? I’m just curious!

And as always, tons of links and references are on the main page about the presentation, here.

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  • Hello! download-y-odelay-hee-hoo

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  • Enjoyed your presentation. I downloaded the notes, and blogged about it here:

  • Hi Andrew – awesome presentation. It was one of the most thought-provoking at the conference. Congrats!

  • Very interesting set of data. I’d enjoy talking more with you, to better understand some of the more compressed slides. I’ve been exhorting designers to put the “player” first, and get rid of the inert term ‘user”. See notes and audio from a relevant talk:

  • Holly

    Interesting stuff. Nice to read something with actual depth.

  • Carol Trebilco

    Thank you for the best brain fun I’ve had in ages. You’ve given us an unbelievably great take on the next thing that education needs.
    Imagine kids learning via screens that took notice of their input and then opened pathways/landscapes/maps that were relevant to them while all the time flashing messages/reminders/hints just for their needs, and bubbles/scrolls that carried lateral thinking or reflective questions about their quest/task – and interplay with other learners who could set new challenges for them and pose What If questions…etc…etc…..

  • Susan Doran

    Clever, fun, well-researched and -organized, and provocative! (to satiate your curiosity about who’s here and why…missed your session at IA2006, and subsequently someone on some blog or site or something gushed about he presentation and linked to you, and here I am)

  • Hello dear friend,

    I am serving as an IA/UX info provider, and definitely wanted to include your fabulous IA summit preso as a reference in my summary of IA Summit highlights. Hope you are enjoying the spring rain and May flowers. Thank you – M2

  • This was thought provoking, but also juicy and delicious!

  • Downloaded the presentation, incorporating gaming in design is one thig to look out for. Thanks for a good laugh, too :-).

  • Scott DeMers

    Heady stuff. I think you’re right about looking to games for unique interface solutions. I’ll bet gamers are a lot less tolerant than your average web user. If bad uid causes them to lose ponts, they won’t be sticking around for the sequel!

  • Priyanka directed me to download your A summit presentation because of the material in it about gaming. I hope to leverage your good work Andrew! – Michael

  • Hello! Thanks for the download!

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  • Donn DeBoard

    Downloaded your present this AM. Looking forward to learning from it!