Context Management at Plaxo

Earlier I shared a post about designing context management, and wanted to add an example I’d seen. I knew I’d made this screenshot, but then couldn’t remember where; luckily I found it today hiding in a folder.

This little widget from Plaxo is the only example I’ve noticed where an online platform allows you to view information from different contextual points of view (other than very simple examples like “your public profile” and “preview before publish”).

Plaxo’s function actually allows you to see what you’re sharing with various categories of users with a basic drop-down menu. It’s not rocket science, but it goes miles further than most platforms for this kind of functionality.

If anybody knows of others, let me know?

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  1. siob’s avatar has a ‘context switcher’. i can switch between my private view and any organization’s view i’m member of.

  2. Andrew’s avatar

    Thanks for the pointer, I’ll check it out :-)

  3. Nick Dunn’s avatar

    Darn, I was going to suggest Github ;-) Yes, if you’re a member of “organisations” then you can switch context and see only repositories or commit messages for that persona.


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